Churn Baby, Churn

The first step in making our world class butter is the churning process. We put our high quality cream along with a few other ingredients into the butter churn, and let the magic happen. Our butter is the highest quality because of the care we put into each and every batch we make, not to mention the delicious cream provided from our Jersey cows! 

Packing It In

Next is the packaging process.  Each batch of butter is hand-packed to perfection. We prefer to hand-package over machine-packaging to ensure that each and every time you buy our butter, it truly is the quality you expect from us. You can rest assured that every time you use our butter, it was made and packaged with care.

Butter Made to Perfection

Once finished, our product is ready to be packaged and shelved. In the end, we know our butter contains the finest level of fat content and taste one could find in butter anywhere! That's a Sparkman guarantee that we stand behind. Look for our butter in store including our own store here on the dairy.