Our Milk

We believe our milk is of the highest quality and is the freshest milk you can get your hands on. If you want milk any fresher, you'll have to buy your own cow! In fact, our milk is state approved for a 24-days expiration date. What does that mean? In short, it means our milk isn't transported long distances and stored over the course of several days prior to processing...Sparkman's milk is processed in our plant right on the farm and delivered to our various retail outlets.

Our Butter

Our butter is flavorful and is made from our own milk. Spread some on your favorite bread today! You won't believe the quality of our butter until you try it for yourself!

Our Horchata

Our production processes do not stop with milk and butter. We also have a new beverage that will have your tastebuds screaming for more Don Jose Horchata. It is a lactose free rice beverage that is DELICIOSO!!

Attention: We no longer carry our ice cream. Production is currently on hold, but we will make an announcement once it returns!