Cows Treated with Love

The Way Every Animal Should Be Treated

Our pasture raised cows are are not given any artificial hormones. To ensure they are as healthy as can be, every cow is given non-gmo feed. On top of the emphasis we have on their health, we also keep every aspect of the cow's lives as clean and sanitized as we possibly can. Also, thanks to the A2A2 gene that our cows have, we truly are able to provide a one of a kind taste. 

All About the Environment

Doing Our Duty

As Farmers, we believe it's our job to benefit the environment as much as we can. Since we have been around for over 50 years, we do a lot of things the conventional way. It makes us have to work harder but it is worth it to us because our environment receives all the benefits. 

Taking the Extra Step

The Environment Needs Us

All of the cow manure produced on our farms is recycled into our worm farm and used to produce worm castings and reduce waste. The worms are fed recycled materials and use that to produce worm castings. The manure is converted into a usable fertilizer that is 99% digestible to plants.