From Beginning To


At Sparkman's Cream Valley, it is important to us that every step of the process is as clean as possible. We promise you will receive the highest quality milk.

Attention to Detail

Every Step of the Way

We believe in attention to detail. We can assure you that every time you use of our products that it is just as good as the time before and that it will be just as good the next time!

Treatment of Our Cows

Happy Cows, Happy Milk

Sparkman's Dairy believes that all cows should be happy, therefore we use methods that provide for healthy animals. Our cows are pasture-raised, and they are provided adequate areas to lounge. An air-ventilated, non-confined building is provided for use during times of severe weather conditions. Their nutrition comes from selected hybrids of non-gmo grass and corn varieties which is then analyzed by and animal science nutritionist to assure that the ration meets all nutrition requirements.

Heavenly Taste.....Naturally